Kid's Classes

Protecting our children is one of the number one concerns any parent ever has, but we can’t be there for them at every moment.  Getting them to train martial arts may be the best solution to this problem.  We of course want to bully proof them, so that they can defend themselves if they are ever physically attacked, but beyond that, we want them mentally ready to overcome all of life’s challenges.

This is one thing that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai kickboxing, wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts can all help us with, whether big or small.  Children’s martial arts can teach them to face adversities and use their will to over come problems.  

The confidence and self-discipline dedicated martial artists have is truly intangible and these are some traits commonly seen in our students who train at Modern Martial Arts Center.  All of these things require patience, focus and attention, virtues which are sometimes lacking in a fast-paced digital world, where we don’t necessarily connect our minds to our bodies as much as we should.  

Whilst martial arts are largely about self-improvement, making ourselves the best we can be, they also teach us to work with others.  The social element of training is undeniable. Many practitioners find they can make life-long friends, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or social background.  For kids, studies have shown that practicing even a couple of times a week can benefit their concentration spans, communication skills, self-regulation, cognitive function and postural control.

When lives are more sedentary and childhood obesity is extremely high, fun sports like Muay Thai kickboxing or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can give your child the impetus to get active, lose weight, gain enhance, coordination and build flexibility, all the while giving them both self defence and conflict resolution techniques which should prevent them from ever having to use their skills in a real-life confrontation.

If you are in Saskatoon and are looking to get your kids into martial arts, please contact us. We follow the traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt ranking system, as well as the BANG Muay Thai belt ranking system which give your children milestones to work towards.  

Due to the popularity of our kids martial arts programs, space is very limited and we are currently placing interested members on a waiting list.  If you would like to inquire about availability or add your child or children to a waiting list, please email