Muay Thai Kickboxing


Modern Martial Arts Center in Saskatoon is proud to offer BANG Muay Thai kickboxing classes.

Muay Thai kickboxing, or Thai Boxing is often regarded as one of the most efficient striking arts of all martial arts.  Also known as the “art of eight limbs” Muay Thai utilizes punches, kicks, elbows and knees as if they are weapons to incapacitate opponents.  The earliest evidence of boxing in Thailand dates back to the 13th Century, though various styles of kickboxing were likely to have been practiced in Southeast Asia even earlier than this.  The art underwent a process of modernization in the 20th century, seeing gloves, time limits and rings being introduced to it. 

The Thai art has become incredibly popular since the early 2000s, after MMA fighters such as Anderson Silva showcased their skillset in the UFC, bringing global attention to the sport.  In the years that have followed, Muay Thai gyms have opened all over the world, with professional fighters competing in mixed martial arts as well as kickboxing events such as K-1. 

MMAC in Saskatoon practices BANG Muay Thai which has been tried and tested by Sensei Duane ‘BANG’ Ludwig.  This style has been developed from Western Boxing, Dutch Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Kyokoshin Karate, and wrestling. 

Although it may seem intimidating, training in Muay Thai does not have to be scary.  Many of our beginner members fall in love with Muay Thai kickboxing as a new hobby as most never make the decision to compete.  A typical class involves a warmup task like skipping, or shadowboxing and then hitting pads held up by a training partner.  

The physical and mental benefits are huge.  Our members appreciate the cardio aspect of this workout while learning practical self defence skills. Muay Thai kickboxing is  seen to develop core strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and can burn upwards of 700-1000 calories per hour of training.  As it relates to self-defence, students learn how to protect themselves with blocks, parries, slips, and footwork.   

Students at MMAC begin to find they have a higher level of self-confidence and discipline after they have been training in our BANG Muay Thai kickboxing program.

Beginner’s are always welcome and we are happy to invite you in for a FREE trial class!  To do so, please fill out the form below.  We will be in touch with you to book your first class.  See you on the mats!